Patient Feedback

Family Godia-del Amo. – United Kingdom


We were expecting our second child and happily anticipating the 20 weeks ultrasound to know if it was a boy or a girl. During the ultrasound we were told that our baby boy had spina bifida. We didn’t know exactly what it was, and the hospital just told that it is a terrible defect in the spine and that the baby would have severe disabilities. The picture that the hospital gave was devastating because it looked as if there was nothing that could be done for our baby.


But soon after the diagnosis a friend of us told us that he had heard of an in-utero-operation. We found that Zürich hosted the expertise in Europe for this type of operations. We contacted the team through their web page to ask if anything could be done to help our boy, and soon after we received the bright and encouraging answer from Prof. Meuli: “Yes, we can and will help you, of course!”


Ever since that moment, through all the assessments and operation, through the constant care of all the team involved, we’ve received the best care and attention. From Prof.Meuli and Doctors Moehrlen and Mazzone, from Doctors Zimmerman, Ochsenbein and Krähmann to the nurses in Zürich’s Hospital, to the international coordinator Barbara Casanova and each of the professionals in the Intensive Care Unit and Neonatology in the Children’s hospital of Zürich: Thank you very very much for really helping our whole family and specially our treasured little one! We couldn’t have been and cannot be in better hands.

2015 07 12 samuel

A family from Austria


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